The Kensei kensan kai honbu-dojo is located in Kawagoe, Japan, and an active branch – Kensei Kendo- och Iaidoklubb – can be found in Stockholm, Sweden.

Kensei kensan kai is a global family of Iaido enthusiasts. People who are interested, not only in the techniques surrounding the handling of the sword, but spend their lives searching for the essence of Iaido.

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The name

The name Kensei kensan kai consist of the three words Kensei, Kensan, and Kai whose meanings are described below:

A Kensei (剣聖) is a Sword-saint, an individual of great moral and martial character, whose vocation is not the taking of life, but thr giving of life, thus furthering a society based on tolerance, peace and harmony. A Kensei does not forget war in times of peace.

Kensan (研鑚) is the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding. It is the force which drives us to constantly better ourselves, and never stagnate nor falter. The road to Kensho, self-attainment.

A Kai (会) is a group or club which provides support and guidance through a structured framework.

Therefore ”Kensei kensan kai” can loosly be translated as ”The study-group of sword-saints”, implying the members commonality in seeking the innermost nature of Iaido.